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I / Warranty:

Product warranty is: fixing defects, technical problems caused by the manufacturer’s fault

II / Regulations on warranty:

– Product is free warranty if the product is still valid warranty period from the date of delivery.

– The warranty period is stated in the Warranty Card and according to the manufacturer’s regulations for all technical problems.

– There are warranty cards and warranty stamps of the company on the product.

III / Cases not covered by warranty:

– The product has expired the warranty period written on the ticket or warranty card lost.

– Warranty seals are torn, broken, overwritten or modified.

– Warranty card does not specify Serial number and date of purchase.

– The phone number on the product is unknown or wrong compared to the number on the warranty card.

– The product is damaged due to mechanical damage caused by dropping, breaking, impacting, scratching, dented, damp, rusty, watery or caused by fire or natural disaster.

– The product shows signs of damage caused by rodents or insects.

– Improper use of instruction manual, wrong use of prescribed voltage.

– Free software supplied with the device.

– Arbitrarily dismantling, repairing by individuals or technicians not authorized by POE Sec

– Not paid in full according to the regulations

IV / Maintenance:

Maintenance and maintenance includes: Routine product maintenance, installation, product configuration, repair of minor repairs that can be repaired (excluding equipment replacement). subject to agreement between POE Sec and the customer.


1- Warranty commitment

For cameras and recorders: 2-year warranty on the entire device.

For other accessory products: Warranty according to the manufacturer’s own regulations.

2- Free some services according to the promotions of the manufacturer (if any) during the use of the device.

3- During the warranty period, immediately after receiving the notice from the buyer about the damage of the device if not due to the fault of the user, we will promptly carry out the replacement or repair of the damaged device. broken with new equipment. All costs related to replacement will be borne by POE.

4- In case of equipment malfunction due to user error, we still carry out repair or replacement and charge for the service. The replacement equipment part (if any) will be charged to the buyer at the market price.

6- POE always maintains a safe and readily available inventory in its inventory and offers genuine genuine parts and accessories for warranty and after-sales service.

7- POE Company has a partnership with other camera products suppliers … to be able to respond quickly to the needs of customers.

8. POE Company has a team of engineers, maintenance technicians who are recruited and systematically trained, have many years of experience in the field of electronics, with technical support from the above suppliers. , Fully equipped with specialized testing equipment.

9- POE Company can consult to help customers build maintenance schedule in accordance with the characteristics of the project. It is also possible to provide preventive or packaged maintenance service contracts, with the goal of reducing total operating costs for customers, maintaining efficient and stable operation, and extending equipment life. .