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1. Delivery method – Cash payment

Delivery method – Cash payment applies to all customers through shipping partners.

Customers can order via the website or the phone switchboard 0396666467. Our staff will call to confirm with customers about the product and shipping method.

You are responsible for paying the full value of the order to the delivery staff immediately after completing the goods inspection and delivery.

2. Payment method in advance

Money transfer, bank transfer at banking systems.

Money transfer / transfer steps

(first). Customers contact hotline 0396666467 to confirm orders after successful ordering on the website. Customer Service will confirm the information and payment amount with customers. In case, the hotline cannot be contacted, customers can call the hotline at 0909.728.246 of the Company.

(2). Transfer money according to account information. After confirming the order and the amount to be paid, Customer transfers according to the information provided by Customer Service.

(3). Customers notify Kim Ma (Phone, Email, SMS, …) when you have made a transfer / transfer. Or contact the online sales department 0396666467 (8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Saturday every week)

(4). Immediately after receiving the confirmation message from the bank, Kim Ma will notify the customer and proceed with delivery to you.

Kim Ma will not be responsible for errors in the transfer process or transfer of wrong information. You must work directly with the bank to resolve the error.